Renewable Energy

The issue of climate change and global warming has an influence on the business strategy of Krakatau Daya Listrik. KDL is ready to contribute to the creation of new and renewable energy that is environmentally friendly and even zero-emissions. The 102 Kilowatt-peak solar power plant built on top of the switch gear building is the starting point for our commitment to participate in the new renewable energy sector.

The next stages in this field are the construction and development of a Floating Solar Power Plant at Krenceng Lake in Cilegon, Banten, the construction of a Blue Hydrogen Factory, a Wind Power Plant and a CO-2 Absorber and Capture. Krakatau Daya Listrik is also open to innovations and exploration of feasible alternative renewable energy funds to help achieve the energy mix according to national targets

CP :

  1. Taufik Ramdhan Nugraha (0811-2333-656)
  2. Fadhli Farsa (0856-0970-4452)
  3. Fajar Nazarudin (0813-1923-7569)
  4. Irvan Agus Faletigo (0821-2692-2007)
  5. R. Syamsul Arifin (0852-2228-4321)

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